Caliper Journal Issue 06: Love
Self-published 2019

Publishing, Publication Design, Editing

Editors: Nicola Cortese, Lauren Crockett, Stephanie Pahnis and Senesios Frangos

Guest Editor: Laura Bailey

Caliper 06: Love was an issue close to our hearts. Our final issue as managing editors, the content was decidedly more personal that previous issues. 
Adam Nathaniel Furman, Albert Rex, Alli Elisabet Palmieri, Andrew Clapham, Andre Bonnice, Carrie Lu, Dan Schulz, Emily Davies, Georgia McCole, Jack Murray, Jean-Marie Spencer, Laura Bailey, Laura Szyman, Lou Verga, Lucas MacMillan, Massi Surrat, Michael Spooner, Nicola Cortese, The Projects, Samuel Torre, Senesios Frangos, Shu, Stephanie Pahnis, XX Voto

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