Nicola Cortese (she/her), Lauren Crockett (she/her) and Stephanie Pahnis (she/her) are longtime collaborators and friends who share a common drive to discuss, distribute and provide access to ideas about the built environment.

As a collective they founded and self-published ten issues of Caliper Journal, an independent youth-lead architecture magazine with over 300 contributors. They have taught design studios and research electives in the architecture faculties across RMIT, The University of Melbourne and Monash University.

Their collective research interests include the broadening of the architectural discipline through collaboration and knowledge sharing; the impact of cultural and technological shifts on the way that people occupy the public sphere, and the cultural meaning, histories and life cycles of materials embedded in our built environment. 

Each practises individually; Nicola at Neometro, Lauren at Sibling Architecture and Stephanie at Lyons Architecture, where they work on a wide spectrum of projects.

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