Design studio in the Bachelor of Architecture at RMIT Melbourne

Semester 01 2021 taught by Nicola Cortese, Stephanie Pahnis, Lauren Crockett

Semester 02 2021 taught by Nicola Cortese
CARE builds upon the body of work explored throughout Caliper Journal 1-6, particularly “Love”, as well as the work undertaken in the design elective Proof. We are asking students to openly participate in (care about) the larger structures of the world surrounding architecture.

CARE looks from the scale of the human and the way that architects can design with a diverse user group in mind, to the building and the ongoing maintenance needed to upkeep it as a public asset, to the way that collectives organise and enact change on the built environment, to the relationship with Country and ongoing reciprocity on the land on which we live and work.

To get in touch please contact us via our respective email addresses listed in our info pages.